Success Stories

Management of pseudostem weevil in Banana


Banana is one of the important fruit crop in Kanyakumari district and occupies an area of 8500 ha as pure crop as well as intercrop/mixed crop in coconut. More than 75 per cent of the holdings are below one ha and the production, profit and employment derived from such small holdings are quite insufficient to sustain the dependant families. Incidence of pseudostem weevil and rhizome weevil are the most dangerous pests in banana cultivation and at severe conditions its resulted in an yield reduction of more than 50 per cent. With little / no scope to further expand the land area and low per capita land holding size, crop intensification through transfer of advance plant protection techniques is the only means to enhance the production and profit. Therefore, a demonstration of banana pseudostem injection was conducted by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra.


Pseudostem injection of monocrotophos for the management of pseudostem weevil in banana.

Details of Technology

Injection of monocrotophos 36WSC @ 4ml (54ml of monocrotophos with 350 ml of water) at two heights viz., 45 & 150 cm in the pseudostem at monthly interval from 5th to 8th month.


The technology was assessed through OFT during 2010-11 and subsequently demonstrated in large scale through FLD in 2011-12 at Elavuvillai, Enjakodu, Thiruvattar, Kolvel, Thakalai villages. Apart from On and Off campus trainings, extension functionaries trainings were conducted towards the popularization of the technology.

Results and Farmers Feedback

The technology of banana pseudostem injection of monocrotophos @ 4ml / plant registered the highest per cent reduction (76.07%) over the farmers practices with a net profit of Rs.3,84,840. As the banana pseudostem injection technology is very simple, cost effective and produced a BCR of 3.33 per rupee investment is highly accepted by the farmers. And they were actively participated in the demonstration programme to know the pseudostem injection technology for pseudostem weevil management.

Employment Generation

Providing employment opportunities throughout the year, for the labours who are being engaged in banana pseudostem injection for the management of pseudostem weevil in banana. Initiative has also been made to form small groups consisting of unemployed youth to perform the task of pseudostem injection.